“For me, a Jacuzzi is a person, not a machine. A Jacuzzi is a member of my family” 

- engineer and entrepreneur Remo Jacuzzi

Remo Jacuzzi, author of this epic memoir of his astonishingly enterprising family, including thirteen brothers and sisters and their many descendants. Popularly known for their invention of whirlpool hydrotherapy for home use, during the last century these immigrants from Italy also totally revolutionized the airplane industry and remade the landscape of America with their injector water pumps. Though they had their share of conflict and personal loss, three generations of the Jacuzzi family made major contributions to their adopted country and the modern world. This saga follows them through three wars, three continents, breakthrough innovations, and the heartbreaking sale of Jacuzzi Brothers, Inc., along with their name. Their descendants operate wineries, olive groves, restaurants and even a successor company in the field of hydrotherapy - Jason International.